In a world full of hares, it pays to be the tortoise.

We're on a mission to convince startups that fast doesn't always equal best. In fact, we want to show them that taking a slower approach can lead to even greater success.

This might fly in the face of what startup founders are used to. The startup world is used to be speed. It thrives on it. Growth hacking, tech accelerators, agile sprints — startups aim to move as fast as possible. To move slow is to fail.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

What if we told you that 90% of startups fail? What if we told you that the most common reason for those failed startups was premature scaling? What if we told you that most startups fail simply because they move too fast?

The startup world's obsession with speed is dangerous.

It leads to severe mental health problems in founders. Entrepreneurs are twice as likely to be depressed as an average member of the public. Not to mention the founders who miss important family-time, whose kids barely know they exist.

It leads to extreme burn out in employees. The average tenure at a startup is just two years. That's half the average tenure for jobs in the US. Not to mention the employees who work 12-hour days in a desperate bid to keep up.

It leads to dangerous, real-world consequences. Facebook and other social media platforms have been used to destabilize democracies, harm the self-esteem of a generation, and hooked us into spending way too much time looking at our screens.

Years after Zuckerberg declared that Facebook would "move fast and break things", thousands of tech startups have followed suit, never stopping to think about whether it's the right approach.

That's why we want to usher in a new movement of slow startups. Slow startups think long-term. They cultivate sustainable growth, put the welfare of their employees and customers before profit, and realize that slow doesn't mean bad.

In a world full of hares, it pays to be the tortoise.

So let's move slow and make things.

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